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Are you Ready to Sell Your Business?

First and foremost: plan ahead. 
It can take up to two years to correctly price and position a business for sale.

“One of the biggest challenges is that the owner is so important that without him the business is nothing. A seller has to start phasing himself or herself out and get management or systems in place so that the business effectively operates on its own, or under the guidance of a new owner”. Can you convince a buyer that he/she can expect to take a six-month vacation and the place runs just fine without him.”

Ideally, you are selling a business that runs on its own, but that is often not the case. FBX Brokers are experienced and prepared to guide you through a sale regardless of where your business is today.

“People get emotionally involved in their business and have a tendency to think it’s worth more than it is. Only a professional can help steer them toward their financial goal.”

FBX has your best interests at heart. While not every transaction is stress-free, the FBX team will help a seller prioritize and flush out potential obstacles early on so that the process of selling a business is not wrought with frustrations and delays. Honesty and clear communication remain the cornerstone to our productive relationships. Our Sellers realize the value of partnering with an expert business broker months before their business is listed.
Whether we work with you as a contracted broker or a trusted advisor, we welcome the opportunity for you to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY BUSINESS VALUATION

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